Dutch Oven

The Geologist Cabin is as about as far away from anywhere that you can get. First go to Death Valley, then drive 40 miles up some bad news 4 wheel drive trail and you will see it on the right up on the hill. It is a one room stone built cabin with bits of furniture, an open fire place and a view that correspond completely to this Scottish boy’s view of the West. I have with me a 3 pound tri tip, some leeks, some mushrooms, some carrots and a bottle of red wine. Most of all I have my Dutch oven – the greatest cooking device ever invented. I start up a fire in the cabin’s fireplace and braise the meat in butter. I add the leeks, the carrots and the mushrooms and a couple of glasses of wine. I close down the oven and wander around trying to take photos of the star infested sky.
The fire is small- I do not have much wood and Death Valley has been remarkably lashed by rain. An hour later I serve, Daube de Boeuf aux Champignons, Poireaux et Carottes. It is incredible. God bless you Dutch Oven. Forget the great restaurants of the world. A meal like this, cooked over an open fire in the middle of nowhere, with the simplest of ingredients is what this pilgrim wants.

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