Xmas on the Road

I have guilt about being in a car on Xmas day. But things being as they are, US based family has gone to the Philippines and Europe based family is well, in Europe.
Should I hang around in SF and take up kind offers of spending Xmas with friends or hit the road?
The road has always been irresistible and Xmas day sees me leaving Geologist Cabin at dawn to head down to Mexico. I work my way down the track towards the paved road in Death Valley. All goes well except I have little gas and worry about making it to Shoshone, the next gas station . Also worry whether a gas station in a bunch of shacks will be open on Xmas morning. These concerns pale when I hit a river that has washed the road away. There have been record rains in Southern California and I have seen evidence throughout Death Valley- mudslides, lakes on the road- but this is a river from nowhere running straight down the middle of the valley. I have few options, not enough gas to turn back, could take days for the flood to go down. On the other hand stuck in the middle of a river in the middle of nowhere on Xmas morning is not cool.The drop into the river is deep, the water comes right up over the bonnet. This is not going to work! But the car keeps going; we hit another trough half way over but the car keeps going. We get to the far bank but will she be able to climb out? We slither and slide in the deep mud but hey we are back on dry land. God bless you Range Rover!
Of course the gas station in Shoshone is open at 9:00 on Xmas morning. My troubles are over. Now it is the wide open American West: down to I 15, head South on Highway 95 before Vegas, East on I 40 and then South again on Highway 95 along the Colorado River until I hit I 10. Drive East until the junction with highway 85 just West of Phoenix. Hole up in the Westward Motel- $38- in Buckeye Arizona. I love to drive!
Happy Xmas every one

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3 Responses to Xmas on the Road

  1. Bob Logan says:

    Bless you Neil!
    Mary and I toasted your good health and marvelous persona.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this great adventure with us.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas Neil, hermit, pilgrim, wild donkey you, chef of the great outdoors, travel writer extraordinaire. Weather could hardly be more different over here in Waterloo, Belgium, under a blanket of snow for a week now, can hardly get the car up the hill, out of the street.

    Bring on the next chapter.

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