The Long But Not Winding Road

Did you know that the Beatles’ ” Long and Winding Road” was inspired by Paul McCartney’s drives down Kintyre to get to his farm.?
You have to love the names of places in the South West. I start in Buckeye, stopping off in the Buckeye Nature Preserve but frightened off by heavy gunfire, then through Gila Bend, next to Why, through the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to cross the border at Lukeville. I am in Mexico.
I listen to a novel “The Tree of Smoke” that I do not understand and look at the truly amazing scenery. It is all so wide, deep, high,large. I stop to get gas and take photos of birds but apart from that it is the highway throughout the cacti. I get to Hermosillo and switch off the engine in front of the San Martin Motel – $30.
I am doing all this from my IPad. The WordPress App does not allow captions to photos or more likely I have not worked out how to do it.
Long Tailed Grackle
Very bad photo of a Phainopepla, but it is rare so er um.
Red Tailed Hawk – note dark lines on leading edge of wings.

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