Oh no, Seagulls

They are the birdwatching equivalent of a difficult report
that you really do not want to write. You push it aside and hope it
will go away. Neither reports nor seagulls do so. Seagulls look
much the same, differ in minutiae, but worse still have terrible
teenage years during which they wear the most ridiculously ugly
clothes and look nothing like their parents. The beach on Bahia de
Kino is loaded with seagulls- I have the time, I have no excuse so
let’s get to work. What you are trying to see is of course the
Yellow Footed Gull. This one looks almost identical to the
ubiquitous Herring Gull but has, yep, yellow feet. It only seagulls
on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. There are loads of them and
Ringed Billed Gulls and Heerman’s Gulls but not much else. This is
a blessing as all these species are really easy to identify. As I
wander along the classic beach garnished by fishing boats and real
fishermen mending I think real nets, a lady comes out with a
wheelbarrow and dumps a cubic metre of fish guts on the
beach.Bedlam! A squillion gulls hit the guts: but the real
operators are the Pelicans who have the perfect equipment for
scooping up large volumes of fish guts. I had never really thought
about this before, but they go in like low loaders. Three minutes
it is all gone.

Some captions,these could be in the wrong order so
look upon this a a quiz.

Ring Billed Gull.

Brown Pelican eats fish

Brown Pelican swallows fish guts

Sulky Teenage Heerman’s gulls wearing black

Yellow Footed Gull

Sulky teenage Yellow Footed Gull. Notice pink legs.

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