Stars and Kalashnikovs

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This is the kind of hotel I like. It is run by Jorge who is
the son of the Don Andres that the place is named after. He is a
sculptor, and likes to sing Neil Young songs. It is total open
house, full of bric a brac and bits of sculpture. Life revolves
around a salon on the first floor with windows facing out on the
square where there is always is coffee with tequila and elegant old
gentlemen who turn up each day.

Jorge and elegant old man

Then out to the square and buy
breakfast or lunch or whatever from stalls. I always eat a shrimp
coctel and a beaker of fresh pineapple juice.

Good for you

New Years Eve is spent singing and drinking brandy until it it is time to go outside
to watch guys in tuxedos and white cowboy hats blast handguns and
Kalashnikovs into the starry, starry,night. Ah Mexico.

South of the border


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2 Responses to Stars and Kalashnikovs

  1. Peter Fisher says:

    Great series of posts. You should just stay on vacation forever.

  2. Mary Logan says:

    The New Year’s Eve hotel looked so clean, tidy, uncluttered. Very classy! What a great night you had with Neil Young music. How does that compare with an Irish session?

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