Less is more is my current eating mantra and so at the South Sea Seafood Restaurant I order two large Dim Sum instead of the rice/noodle splurge thing. The restaurant is markedly different from the standard Irving, which features low-key, protestant decor. South Sea Seafood Restaurant is lavish. It’s walls are furbished in scarlet and gold. The staff wear traditional Chinese outfits. The chairs are inlaid with almond blossom design.

In the court of the crimson king

I order:

Fried Oysters with Egg Yolk $5.00

Baby Octupus with Seaweed $5.00

Jasmine tea $1.00

Poor baby octupi. What do you call an octopus with six tentacles? A sextapus.

The octopus dish is, to my surprise, cold. Cold seaweed and cold baby octopi may not sound too appetizing but I love it. Clean crisp flavours, great texture, and green, red color clash. There are also  little beans lurking in the seaweed.

Hot Oysters

I weaken and order another dish of BBQ pork in Black bean sauce.$2.00 Hot, garlicky and slimy.

More joy

South Sea Seafood Restaurant is a step above the norm. Delicious food, very attentive service, classy decor and the best jasmine tea. Do not pass by.

Alliteration: South Sea Seafood Sofa would be better

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