Wells Fargo Wagon

O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon keep a-comin' O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon, keep a-comin'. O-ho you Wells Fargo Wagon, Don't you dare make a stop Until you stop for me!

As I prepare to leave, I feel I have to thank the good folks of Wells Fargo Bank. I use the branch on Haight and going there is always a pleasure. Previously banks have always irritated me.  I give them my money and they treat me as if they are doing me a favor. When I went to my French bank I had to harumph and “excusez moi”  before anyone would acknowledge my existence. Wells Fargo are different, they are so delighted that I have given them my money that they treat me as their best friend. ” Hey Mr Calder, how are you doing today? Do you want a coffee? No, what about a tea? We’ve got green, jasmine, black, chai. Where’s your bike? Outside?! Hey man, bring it in, just put it in the bike rack.” Yep, Wells Fargo banks have interior bike racks for their clients.

Cosy Big Red likes going to the bank

The staff are efficient, competent yet  very easy-going. One is always ‘on point’ meaning they stand by the entrance and greet each customer asking what they need. You feel good, they want you to get what you want.

Wanna Coffee?

I had a lot of complex bank stuff to do when in San Francisco and the people at Wells Fargo made it fun. Many thanks.

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1 Response to Wells Fargo Wagon

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Wells Fargo, Cisco Kid, Laramie, My Friend Flicka, Rin Tin Tin, Lone Ranger, Range Rider, all in luscious black and white. Ah fond memories.

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