This is my blog. It is trivia with photos.

5 Responses to About

  1. Fiona says:

    Just wanted to say hi. Your life in San Francisco looks like fun. Your blog makes it almost as thoughI know the place. i am so glad (yes i was a littel worried when I heard the word unemployed but that is just me.)
    Enjoy the weekend. i will email.

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I am having a blast. Please do not worry about me. My only concern is how long I can avoid accepting high powered job! Hope misery and pain is not too intense at ITER.
    Love and kisses

  3. Andy says:

    Hey Neil,
    Andy here, Lauren’s hubby.
    Looks like you’re having fun in SF; lucky you! Maybe one day soon we can catch up over a beer or coffee at Half Moon Bay…? Would love to take Lauren there.


  4. Hi Andy,
    There is room with your Lauren’s +kids’ names on it.

  5. Mike Taylor says:

    Ever considered sending your blog off to Le Guide du Routard for their SF guide ? They (and their readers) would love it.

    Keep your pecker up.


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