Sticky Fingers

What better place to eat than a restaurant called “Yummy Yummy?”  Well actually the San Tung which is next door but we couldn’t get in. Anyway we ate extremely well. The very merry waiter  insists, “We are THE crab place! You must eat salt and pepper crab.”

OK then.

Charming companion Samantha is not hungry so just orders imperial rolls. She shows me how to eat them. Previously I had just picked them up and pushed them lengthways between my pursed lips  with sucking noise and chomped. But now I know that you wrap them in lettuce leaf, lay in a bit of mint and then proceed to eating. Much better like that.

That's a wrap

The crab comes looking a bit angry. Well it has been boiled alive, chopped up then wok-fried with onions, garlic, scallions, I guess salt and pepper and mysterious secret sauce – quite enough to put you in a foul mood.

I could have been a contender

This brings us to sticky fingers: you have to eat crab with your fingers, which get covered in delicious sauce and ooze. I have know people who became very exercised when someone put their fingers in the mouth and sucked off the sauce. I agree that excess slurping and popping noises are distasteful, nevertheless I hold that sauce from fingers is one of the great tastes. There is something primeval about it.

The crab is fantastic.

Yummy,yummy,yummy I've got love in my tummy

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