Sayonara San Francisco

Bye bye

So that’s it – Sayonara San Francisco. This morning I set off into the setting sun- yeah I know.
4 months of being Unemployed But Comfortably Off has been a privilege and I want to say thank you to San Francisco for the courtesy, for the lack of pretension, the “have a good one!”s, the Golden Gate Park, the beach, the bay,  the bridge, the coffee shops, Lucky’s supermarket, the USF gym, the Panhandle, the Wiggle, the concerts in the park, best food in the world-well around here, cops who say,”Sorry about that.” when they catch you, the street art, the choice of beers, the choice of bars, happy hours, Irving Street, respect for cyclists, bike shops with tire pumps outside, wireless everywhere, Wells Fargo Bank, the IRS people, the glow, the Queen Annes, the history, the corner stores, the acceptance of race, gender, sexual proclivity, the Giants, the amazing Irish Music, the “you go first, brother.” the De Young, the fly fishing pools, the Golden Gate Bridge, 280, the make your own muesli, Craig’s List, breakfast, great coffee, 1670 Fell, you get what I mean.

Bye Bye Big Red

Thank you James, Martha,Ryan,Big Red, Petra, Roxie, Bebo, Julia, Ron, Dave, John, Sam, Melinda,Mary, Bob, Humuhumu, Brad, the Range Rover, Nancy, Gloria, Aaron, Chip, Peter, Jonathan, Terry, Rene, the kids next door, Leslie, Jack, Chiaki and everyone else.

As another adopted Californian said, ” I’ ll be back.”

Chairs finished the day I left

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Less is more is my current eating mantra and so at the South Sea Seafood Restaurant I order two large Dim Sum instead of the rice/noodle splurge thing. The restaurant is markedly different from the standard Irving, which features low-key, protestant decor. South Sea Seafood Restaurant is lavish. It’s walls are furbished in scarlet and gold. The staff wear traditional Chinese outfits. The chairs are inlaid with almond blossom design.

In the court of the crimson king

I order:

Fried Oysters with Egg Yolk $5.00

Baby Octupus with Seaweed $5.00

Jasmine tea $1.00

Poor baby octupi. What do you call an octopus with six tentacles? A sextapus.

The octopus dish is, to my surprise, cold. Cold seaweed and cold baby octopi may not sound too appetizing but I love it. Clean crisp flavours, great texture, and green, red color clash. There are also  little beans lurking in the seaweed.

Hot Oysters

I weaken and order another dish of BBQ pork in Black bean sauce.$2.00 Hot, garlicky and slimy.

More joy

South Sea Seafood Restaurant is a step above the norm. Delicious food, very attentive service, classy decor and the best jasmine tea. Do not pass by.

Alliteration: South Sea Seafood Sofa would be better

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Wells Fargo Wagon

O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon keep a-comin' O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon, keep a-comin'. O-ho you Wells Fargo Wagon, Don't you dare make a stop Until you stop for me!

As I prepare to leave, I feel I have to thank the good folks of Wells Fargo Bank. I use the branch on Haight and going there is always a pleasure. Previously banks have always irritated me.  I give them my money and they treat me as if they are doing me a favor. When I went to my French bank I had to harumph and “excusez moi”  before anyone would acknowledge my existence. Wells Fargo are different, they are so delighted that I have given them my money that they treat me as their best friend. ” Hey Mr Calder, how are you doing today? Do you want a coffee? No, what about a tea? We’ve got green, jasmine, black, chai. Where’s your bike? Outside?! Hey man, bring it in, just put it in the bike rack.” Yep, Wells Fargo banks have interior bike racks for their clients.

Cosy Big Red likes going to the bank

The staff are efficient, competent yet  very easy-going. One is always ‘on point’ meaning they stand by the entrance and greet each customer asking what they need. You feel good, they want you to get what you want.

Wanna Coffee?

I had a lot of complex bank stuff to do when in San Francisco and the people at Wells Fargo made it fun. Many thanks.

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Sticky Fingers

What better place to eat than a restaurant called “Yummy Yummy?”  Well actually the San Tung which is next door but we couldn’t get in. Anyway we ate extremely well. The very merry waiter  insists, “We are THE crab place! You must eat salt and pepper crab.”

OK then.

Charming companion Samantha is not hungry so just orders imperial rolls. She shows me how to eat them. Previously I had just picked them up and pushed them lengthways between my pursed lips  with sucking noise and chomped. But now I know that you wrap them in lettuce leaf, lay in a bit of mint and then proceed to eating. Much better like that.

That's a wrap

The crab comes looking a bit angry. Well it has been boiled alive, chopped up then wok-fried with onions, garlic, scallions, I guess salt and pepper and mysterious secret sauce – quite enough to put you in a foul mood.

I could have been a contender

This brings us to sticky fingers: you have to eat crab with your fingers, which get covered in delicious sauce and ooze. I have know people who became very exercised when someone put their fingers in the mouth and sucked off the sauce. I agree that excess slurping and popping noises are distasteful, nevertheless I hold that sauce from fingers is one of the great tastes. There is something primeval about it.

The crab is fantastic.

Yummy,yummy,yummy I've got love in my tummy

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The World’s Best Christmas Cake

Martha’s mother makes hundreds of individual Christmas cakes as gifts for friends. She kindly gave us one. I then  packed it for my Mexico trip and drove it 3000 miles. I only remember it when I get back to San Francisco. I do not know if it was the trip that made it so outstandingly delicious or if all the cakes are just as good – the latter I assume.

Deck the hall with boughs of holly

The cake is moist, crammed with fruit and nuts. The top is covered with good things and glazed. However it is the flavour that makes it outstanding. I am not a fan of sweet things but the cake, though undeniably sweet, has a enough brandy to remove all stickiness-in-the-mouth-sensation. Thank you Mrs Sobrepena!

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The Mission Bells Told Me

Time to go home. Roll Range Rover over the wide, wide desert.

El Elegante Crater. Just on the border

Big sky

I stop late at night in some town in Arizona, look out of the window and there is London Bridge! I used to sing “London Bridge is Falling Down”  at Kindergarten and there it is in the middle of the desert. It is looking pretty solid.

Not what you expect. Falling down?

I am hungry and next to the Motel there is a KFC. ” Sir, we ‘re just closing so if it’s OK we’ll throw in some extra chicken.” I am still eating it.

Back in USA

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Stars and Kalashnikovs

Go here

This is the kind of hotel I like. It is run by Jorge who is
the son of the Don Andres that the place is named after. He is a
sculptor, and likes to sing Neil Young songs. It is total open
house, full of bric a brac and bits of sculpture. Life revolves
around a salon on the first floor with windows facing out on the
square where there is always is coffee with tequila and elegant old
gentlemen who turn up each day.

Jorge and elegant old man

Then out to the square and buy
breakfast or lunch or whatever from stalls. I always eat a shrimp
coctel and a beaker of fresh pineapple juice.

Good for you

New Years Eve is spent singing and drinking brandy until it it is time to go outside
to watch guys in tuxedos and white cowboy hats blast handguns and
Kalashnikovs into the starry, starry,night. Ah Mexico.

South of the border


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