Sayonara San Francisco

Bye bye

So that’s it – Sayonara San Francisco. This morning I set off into the setting sun- yeah I know.
4 months of being Unemployed But Comfortably Off has been a privilege and I want to say thank you to San Francisco for the courtesy, for the lack of pretension, the “have a good one!”s, the Golden Gate Park, the beach, the bay,  the bridge, the coffee shops, Lucky’s supermarket, the USF gym, the Panhandle, the Wiggle, the concerts in the park, best food in the world-well around here, cops who say,”Sorry about that.” when they catch you, the street art, the choice of beers, the choice of bars, happy hours, Irving Street, respect for cyclists, bike shops with tire pumps outside, wireless everywhere, Wells Fargo Bank, the IRS people, the glow, the Queen Annes, the history, the corner stores, the acceptance of race, gender, sexual proclivity, the Giants, the amazing Irish Music, the “you go first, brother.” the De Young, the fly fishing pools, the Golden Gate Bridge, 280, the make your own muesli, Craig’s List, breakfast, great coffee, 1670 Fell, you get what I mean.

Bye Bye Big Red

Thank you James, Martha,Ryan,Big Red, Petra, Roxie, Bebo, Julia, Ron, Dave, John, Sam, Melinda,Mary, Bob, Humuhumu, Brad, the Range Rover, Nancy, Gloria, Aaron, Chip, Peter, Jonathan, Terry, Rene, the kids next door, Leslie, Jack, Chiaki and everyone else.

As another adopted Californian said, ” I’ ll be back.”

Chairs finished the day I left

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1 Response to Sayonara San Francisco

  1. Mary Logan says:

    Bless you Neil!

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